How are Facekins made?

Each Facekins pad is made by sewing around the edge, turning the fabric right side out and then finishing with a seam close to the edge. This makes the pad very durable, allows two usable surfaces, and keeps all the edges soft.

Why use Facekins instead of disposable cotton pads?

There are many benefits to using Facekins facial pads.

- Facekins will help extend the use of your facial products by absorbing less product than a cotton pad.

- Contribute less to landfills by NOT throwing away cotton pads. When cared for as instructed, Facekins will last for a very long time!

- Doesn’t leave behind pieces fibers on your face! This is especially wonderful for men when cleansing the stubble area of the face.

- They are extrememly soft and soothing to sensitive skin.

- Made so that each side can be used, thus doubling the use of each pad.

- Great for travelling!

How do I clean Facekins?

Just place the used pads in a lingerie bag and wash and dry with the rest of your laundry. DO NOT USE CHLORINE BLEACH as this will break down the fibers of the fabric.

How often should I wash my Facekins?

Facekins pads should be used once on each side before washing. For sanitary reasons, do not use multiple times without washing.

Can Facekins pad be used to apply makeup?

Though they can be used for makeup application, they will stain. When removing makeup with a cleansing product, the makeup will come out in the wash.